Friday, 2 January 2009

2008...What a Year it has been for Me!!!!!!

January - At this time..yah...i was still waiting for HDB to ring me up to sign the documents..haha..ORD on 02 Dec 07, Had a call from HDB before Xmas 07, for confirmation on being accepted as a Government servant..hahaha...spent time doing social work at En-Naeem as a Tutor/Religious Mentor.
February - 11 Feb 08, my 1st day @ work. Had a good start to the year i guess..haha..Knowing so many new people...Especially the CSS department...and other peeps such as Khai, Burn, Yazeit, Ossy...too many to mention in fact...
March - 1st jamming session cancelled..Yazeit's car got an 1st pay day as well...spent a good deal on shoes and stuffs...
April - Nothing notable..maybe this yr...4th Apr...*hint hint*..except for SK Band's 1st jamming session with me..
May - Also couldn't remmber anything notable in this month..haha..NUTZ
June - Lotsa customers over at the holidays...and just when i thought they were all out for holidays..
July - A month which has a sweet to know Ummi better in this month...31 July 08, the1st time i received her SMS..
August - Had IQC Gathering..sang Can't Take My Eyes Off You..accompanied by Mr Gilbert aka Yazeit...on 10th Aug 08..the day when it happens..12th...Ummi came to visit Mak @ SGH..hehe..15th Aug 08..1st dinner @ Seoul Garden
September - Ummi's 1st dinner with my beloved parents..hehhe...
October - Ah...Hari Raya..hehe..on the same day with Children's Day..her whole family came over to my house on 2nd Oct 08..we paid back her family a visit on 5th Oct 08
November - Ummi gave me a pillow with our favourite pic on it..and also that very 1st pic i stole from her..hehhe
December - 2nd SK Band jamming session...much better..concentrated on just 5 songs...for 2hrs!!!! Paranoid..Bombtrack..Give It Away..Isi & Kulit..and also Pangeran Cinta..tx for backing my horrible vocals Mamat..and i gave Ummi a surprise on 31st Dec 08..hehe...Pooof!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Best Soft Rock/Metal Tracks Part II

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...
1. Gary Moore - Empty Rooms : The former Thin Lizzy guitarist has a few good soft rock tracks such as Still Got The Blues and also Parisienne Walkways, but this song certainly as a personal touch for me. Well, that was when i was still single. A song that simply anyone who has a broken heart can cry along with.
2. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters : I really feel this song was well worked out with the string components that accompanied the song. The atmosphere of the song was upped by a few notches because of that. Never have a metal band made a slow song sound so good.
3. Guns N' Roses - November Rain : I can't deny it. I still remember every bit of the video clip to this song. Looking for the bride, the desert, everything in fact. This used to be the song that i hummed to while on the way to school during my formative years. Axl Rose would certainly have a hard time trying to get a hit song of the same type from Chinese Democracy.
4. Aerosmith - I Don't Wannt To Miss A Thing : I give up trying to avoid this song. This song was such a hit during my lower secondary school days. It simply hit off so well with that Armageddon movie. I still remember that Bruce Willis character sacrificing himself for his daughter's happiness. And certainly, this song was 'Tyler' made, pardon the pun, for Steven Tyler
5. Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind : I will have to admit this. This is the only song i'm totally familiar with by Def Leppard. Tha speaks volumes as i never like their other songs. and their chorus is a straight success for commercial purposes. Were they Hair?
6. Duran Duran - Ordinary World : Hmmm, they might not fall in this category, but this song is always in my soft rock playlist. Glam they might be, but they do have a few hits. Yes..purple big hair...shucks...
7. Europe - Carrie : They have always been known generally for their over-played hit Final Countdown. This might be a draggy song, but was still their hit.
8. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven : This was the first song i ever listened to by them. Though it's a tad too long, the build up was just right. It really elevates slowly. Jimmy Paige simply made this song his own. Check out their live versions of the song, it sounds much better.
9. Eagles - Hotel California : A ghastly song about that haunted hotel. Somehow or another, i always feel this song has a reggae touch to it. The drums, guitar and bass, just seems a bit more rock steady.
10. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - The Temple of The King : This song, even my dad listens to it. A true classic. Though the song is actually medieval and light. But DIO's husky syrupy voice made it sounds hard rock...

Monday, 8 December 2008

Hanya Sekadar Satu Renungan

Tak perlu mencari teman secantik Balqis
Jika diri tidak sehebat & seindah Sulayman

Mengapa mengharap teman setampan Yusof
Jika kasih tidak setulus Zulaikha

Tidak perlu diri menjadi seteguh Ibrahim
Jika tidak sekuat Sarah

Mengapa didamba teman hidup seistimewa Khadijah
Jika diri tidak sesempurna Rasulullah SAW

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

10 Alternative Songs That Shaped Me During School

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...BTW...all listed below are Alternative at its to share with me yours?
1. Radiohead - Creep : This song was a hit in the early 90's, a truly sad song. And for me, it really hits home. "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.."
2. Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) : Another sad classic. This is so far, the only song by Fuel that I listen to. After Voodoo Music Festival 2007, the lead singer was kicked out of the band as he could not sing this song 'live' during that festival. Shucks.
3. Foo Fighters - Best Of You : A totally colourful break-up song. Dave Grohl have always had his ways of living out of his Nirvana shadow.
4. Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (Acoustic Version) : Alanis Morissette has always been a phenomenal female vocalist. Her soulful vocals on this acoustic version of the song has made this as my No. 1 Break-Up Song of All Time.
5. Oasis - Stand By Me : Tell me, who could have never come across this working class heroes? They were the ones who made many bands look so sluggish at that time l. As for this song, it was an instant classic right when it was played on air.
6. Green Day - Hitchin' A Ride : For me, this was their best song song, with a crazy MTV clip to tag along. Green Day at their best.
7. Cake - I Will Survive : This has been the best remake of the song so far. The Best Cover Song for me. The lazy vocals was what made the song sound even better.
8. No Doubt - Just A Girl :The propellers of the 3rd wave of SKA. Tragic Kingdom is one of my favourite albums. And when they decided to go Rock Steady many years later, it was pure genius.
9. Vertical Horizon - The Best I've Ever Had : I always loved this song more the You're A God. another break-up song.
10. Pearl Jam - Even Flow : Their 1st album Ten was a classic. So many good tracks recorded eg Alive, Once, Jeremy etc. But this was the song that catapulted them to the mainstream with 'The Seattle Sound'. I have always considered them to be better than Nirvana. Opps...Actually, I wanted to key in Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit as thanks...hahah

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

10 Rock Anthem!!!

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...BTW...all listed below are Rock Anthem Classics...When you peeps listen to these songs, just turn on the volume to LOUDEST...and here are my TOP 10
1. Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane : Okay, here's one song which even my sister likes (well, for someone who listens to Junction and all those weepy Malay bands). A stadium rock song. Scorpions were not really known for their fast paced songs. But here is one that really stands out.
2. Queen - We Will Rock You : Okay , i chose this song, as even my 2 years old niece sings that phrase. Queen has been one of the best rock bands in mainstream pop. Freddie Mercury, in my opinion, has been one of the best 'live' vocalists around.
3. Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll : It's got to be DIO!!! All Ritchie Blackmore had to do was inform DIO he has a 'rock n' roll' in mind, and POOF!!!! This song has been a revelation.
4. Black Sabbath - Paranoid : The history of this song? Well, the Sabs had a few spare minutes to go for the completion of their 2nd LP, and this song was the result of that few minutes. Awesome, to say the least. This is the song that made the Sabs a mainstream metal pioneer.
5. Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll : I remember Mathilda Da'Silva singing this song on Singapore Idol. She blew me away. The studio recording of this song has never been replicated by even Robert Plant himself on their live sets. A terrific song from one of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal's most well-known band.
6. The Blizzard of Ozz - Crazy Train : Ozzy mentioned during one of his live sets after singing this song. "Now, that's what Rock n' Roll's about!!!" I have always have a soft spot for the drum and guitar intro to this song.
7. Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget : Hmm, i'm not sure if this song fits into this Rock Anthem category, but this was a choice i could not avoid. A perfect break-up song.
8. Deep Purple - Burn : David Coverdale and Glen Hughes were like fighting for the microphone to see who could scream louder. This was a torrid time for Deep Purple, tho they were still able to churn out hits after the exit of Ian Gillan. This song was one it.
9. DIO - Rainbow In The Dark : This song explains on how we should always look forward. Finding the Rainbow in the Dark is our greatest challenge. It does not mean if we're facing adversities, we can never find a way out.
10. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine : Yes, the masters of 80s rock. I grew up with this song, and i admit, Sheryl Crow could not sing as good as Axl Rose. The intro to this song has made many pick up and learn to play the guitar.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

10 Hard Rock/Metal Songs That Shook My World

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...
1. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons : Their longest ever single track recorded. This bunch of technically gifted experts made this song more than what is was supposed to be. The technical parts are second to none. I was totally blown off the first time i heard it, as i have always thought long songs are generally a bore. And yes, they can play the exact same sound for their live show as well. Personally, this song made me think, how everyone can just change their minds. "Seasons change, and so can I", and the guy was left all alone with his son by his horrible wife. What more to say?
2. Rainbow - Stargazer : The first time i heard this song on the radio, i was taken aback. How could a song made me feel i was in the medieval times??? Well, the story of the stargazer with wizards and towers of flesh and bones facinated me. I always have this interest in medieval themes.
3. The Blizzard of Ozz - Mr. Crowley : This was supposed to be Ozzy's band, but he decided he wanted a solo career after that. Haha, total madness from The Prince of Darkness. Randy Rhoads was with him for his first two albums and the guitar solos blew me away. Diary of a Madman & Crazy Train became instant classics. But this has to be my favourite. It is not that i love anything that has got to do with the occult, but writing a song for Aleister Crowley is INSANE!!! That guy seemed pretty nutz. The keyboard intro and guitar solo really made up the atmosphere of this song.
4. Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - I Am A Viking : The shredder cuts n chops the song so well. Enough said. Haha, Jeff Scott Soto's vocals can never be rivalled (except for DIO). One of my all time favourties by the shredder.
5. Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell : Actually, i wanted to choose Neon Knights, but this was their HIT. And yes, this DIO-fronted song certainly made me think. The forces of evil and good co-exist, kind of like Batman and The Joker, they simply can't live without the other.
6. Rage Against the Machine - Darkness : Sorry peeps, yes they had lotsa hits like Guerilla Radio and Bulls on Parade. I chose this song, as it was an outstanding track. Listen to the two different type of guitar solos by Tom Morello and you'll certainly understand what i mean. And of course, its' a political song!!!! Mr. Obama, hopefully you understood this band's rage. That is why you are promoting CHANGE. Oops, sorry, i love what Mr. Obama is trying to do to the US, it is revolutionary.
7. Metallica - Fade to Black : Yazeit my bro, this was not a soft rock song for me, i love how noisy certain parts of the song are. Yes, this has been an amazing track, if ever any funeral was allowed to play a song dedicated to death, this would be it.
8. DIO - Don't Talk to Strangers : Well, historically, this song was a 'dedication' to Black Sabbath after DIO was unceremoniously kicked out of the band. The lyrics seems to teach us a lesson or two, if not more. Never trust someone too much, unless of course they are your loved ones.
9. System of a Down - Temper : You people might argue that this was never an official release. But i love the arabic tunes in the verse. It is a 'dance-to-the-tune' kinda song, yet political. Spot on.
10. Search - Meniti Titian Usang : This band has been a revelation for the Malay rock music scene. And yes, for me, they have always been bigger than Wings. This song is a perfect remedy to people who appreciate their friends.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Best Soft Rock/Metal Tracks

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...
10 Best Soft Rock/Metal Tracks
1. Steelheart - She's gone : Well...what can i say? This was a CLASSIC!!! Some might consider them Hair..but for me..this song was so touching..i still touching..this is the song if ever my girl leaves me...
2. Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody : Well, this was the last song Abstruce played together (my Abg's band lar) this was a natural choice..another sad song..something like 98 Degrees' Invincible Man...
3. Mr. Big - Just Take My Heart : Not sure if Yazeit agrees with me on this...yes...Mr Big had lotsa hits..To Be With You and Wild World comes into mind..But for me..this was THE SONG..can you imagine any guy singing 'just take my heart when you go'...ain't that abit tipsy?
4. Dokken - Alone Again : Knightwings (yah...that local band that has a crazy guitarist and a singer who is like a Bruce Dickinson wannabe) covered it in malay on Anugerah Band. Well...this is another...sad song...being left by his woman...are all soft rock songs sad and involves our loved ones?
5. Scorpions - When The Smoke Is Going Down : i have absolutely no idea what the song is about..but i just love this song more than Still Loving You...Holiday and In Trance...
6. Iron Maiden - Children of The Damned : Haha..allow me to laugh this out...yes..i picked Iron Maiden's track here...yes...i love this song..especially the cover done by Dream Theater...more soulful...
7. Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune : What can i say...even my Dad and uncles listen to this Dad sings it even...David Coverdale at his Best...
8. Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow : Okay...this was a tough call..Rainbow had so many soft rock hits eg. The Temple of The King...I Surrender..Street of Dreams...Rainbow Eyes...but this was a track which DIO made his own...u guys should check out the live version he sang in 1996..the live album 'The Last In Live'..which he did a medley with Mistreated.
9. Dream Theater - One Last Time : Yes..another tough choice for me as DT had a few soft rock hits like Hollow Years...but this being a personal favourite..i had to be bias..haha..listen to the piano works...
10. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan : Yes...the Godfathers of metal..i love the percussions on the song..and though Pantera covered this didn't quite come off the way Ozzy did it..