Monday, 19 March 2007

My Writes

Life is a waterfall
We keep on flowing
Reached the edge and fall
Pride taken, I'm fumbling

Crumbling as i crash
Not knowing what's next
Memories rushed in a flash
My life written in text

Where am i Dear Lord?
What's this place i'm in?
Who's that love my God?
I've never seen this scene

Why did the Gates closed?
What's this sinking feeling?
My deeds i never boast
Humility i still succumb in

Lord numero uno
My destiny seems dark
She's on the go?
Along with my luck?

Hurt is my company
As i ride along the line
Things seem so corny
Where's the love that binds?

Being alive is a mistake?
Drops of soul dripping away
Why love's just half-baked?
Reminiscent times play

Now she really leaves
Pray for her i will
Cos when she sees the clift
She knows our love is sealed

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