Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Feather

(k peeps...a dedication fer 2 very2 'special ladies'...c..its not hard...i'd like to thank them fer giving me the inspiration to jot this down)

Look in the mirror my friend
When all this while it seems you are my helping hand
Then now out of my door you went
Look into my eyes; you will know what it meant
I was the beacon when you ran
When you needed someone, my soul, to you I lent
Now all that seems like yesterday, gone before I count to ten
May the Lord takes good care of you in His den
It seems to you now I am just an ant
If only you could write my plight with my pen
But I am just like a particle in the sand
May you get someone better with big grand
If only my mind and feelings can be scanned
Maybe you would be enlightened by His Zen
The bitterness in the life of an unwanted man
The chapter ends with my future hell-bent

What? What was that you told me?
You think you can open my heart with that key?
Now all it seems like camaraderie
I guess I am an irritant to you, just like a flea
I know I cannot get you, even for a fee
I will not beg for you, like going down on my knees
You treated me like a fool, climbed over me like you would on a tree
What do you want me to do, you want me to plea?
Was I even a choice when I made you my priority?
I made it seem at that point of time like filial piety
But is this what I deserve? All the crap you passed to me?
Who am I to you? Just a passer-by in your life, then you set me free?
It is the opposite, now you are with him, holding hands, with vans of paparazzi?
You gave me that look, shock in the eyes, and just buzzed off like a bee?
If that is what you want why not just be honest with me
Rather than keeping it from me, you do not know how it feels since you are not me

Purity hardly comes by like the pollens that fly by
The torch that I carry has come to a nigh
My thoughts, my feelings, you thought I did lie?
It was my fault I guess, I just cannot classify
The chaste in me that is gone made you find another guy?
The fact is my life is being burnt by the arson that was not shy
The guilt that I face is being glistened by the sun up high
The moment you did not kill me was what made me fly
My past and mistakes, from them I learn to create a ‘pie’
Whose sweetness of life cannot be found by just wondering why
I glide across the air to meet the light that makes me fly to the sky
But it brought me back to earth to make realize, it made me cry
My body shook, not knowing what was right, but I just have to try
Reality strikes me right down to my spine, forcing me to scream and never to sigh
To You my Lord I surrender my case tonight, it is Faith that I cannot buy
Thanks for the moment that served as a wake-up call for me….Good Bye

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