Friday, 7 December 2007

The Wind Behind The Fallen Leaves

(hmm..k2...lyrical ammunition aimed @ those who deserve it...)

The wind beneath the leaves
Leaves no what-so-ever..not even a gift
Between you & was all just a myth
Like the dragons in the dungeons with Hell down beneath

So who am I to blame now? Was it the wind?
Or is it the unbalanced system of Yang & Ying?
Your mystical disappearance makes you seem like Djinn!
Was it you whom i saw playing the sitar while downing that Gin?

U lied!! You capital Bee with an Itch!!
You thought it was so easy to have the Rainbow getting ditched?
It is true you think you would be safe when you get hitched
Opps!! Sorry my friends this is a technical glitch

Lord, in You i trust
Your Fate & Destiny came tumbling so fast
When its about them and's not only about lust
Now they will be left biting the dust

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