Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Haizz...humans...being humans..

hie peeps...yesterday...someone got a direct tongue lashing frm me and i noe she deserves it. how cld she possibly say i made dat kid's mental status dropped wen i scolded dat kid in front of d others, and yet she did the same to me...scolding me in front of the kids? HELLO!!! wake up ur idea...so its ok for a guy to slap a lady juz bcos u trusted him so much and blived all his lies? u darn heard the truth he said yesterday in front of everyone? now u noe who's at fault? just so dat he cld release his anger on sum1? hello...'So, can i slap u now?' remember dat aite...its a wake up call fer ya...if u gav him permission to slap others...wat kinda msg r u trying to pass to others? so dat means i can slap u too ryt? for 'menurunkan marwah' of my own....?

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