Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Hi again….
Religion..it can make anyone go loco or to the extremes of their mind…but isit something that someone can be proud of? Especially the people they mix around with..or sum other crappy stuffs such as their practices to be proud of? Does it mean we are absolutely pious when we mix around with the Great Religious Teacher’s group? i certainly think not.
Here’s my take, yes, ur practices are what U WILL BRING to the grave upon ur death…but it doesnt have to be a ’show-off’ kinda practice aint it? what’s the point of doing that, risking urself to pollute ur faith…for some, from mixing with the best in this line, they will tend to not mix around with those who are religiously-declined. what the heck? aint WE supposed to spread the teachings and beliefs to those who need guidance? y NEGLECT this niche market? if we dun guide them, then who will?
With all due regards, i aint trying to be a Robin Hood here…all i wan is to make my stand clear, yes, evry1 has their own methods of practices wen it cums to religion. Yes, we are encouraged to mix around with the Ulama’s, but apart from that, we shld also do our part to help shed sum light to those who have been ignorant as well isnt it? This doesnt only comes within Islam, im pretty sure all religions encourages this, NOT TO NEGLECT THE IGNORANT BEHIND, unless of course they wish not to be disturbed…
Well, religion has always been a way of life, a perfect guide to maintain and control our lifestyles….

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