Wednesday, 3 December 2008

10 Alternative Songs That Shaped Me During School

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...BTW...all listed below are Alternative at its to share with me yours?
1. Radiohead - Creep : This song was a hit in the early 90's, a truly sad song. And for me, it really hits home. "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.."
2. Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) : Another sad classic. This is so far, the only song by Fuel that I listen to. After Voodoo Music Festival 2007, the lead singer was kicked out of the band as he could not sing this song 'live' during that festival. Shucks.
3. Foo Fighters - Best Of You : A totally colourful break-up song. Dave Grohl have always had his ways of living out of his Nirvana shadow.
4. Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (Acoustic Version) : Alanis Morissette has always been a phenomenal female vocalist. Her soulful vocals on this acoustic version of the song has made this as my No. 1 Break-Up Song of All Time.
5. Oasis - Stand By Me : Tell me, who could have never come across this working class heroes? They were the ones who made many bands look so sluggish at that time l. As for this song, it was an instant classic right when it was played on air.
6. Green Day - Hitchin' A Ride : For me, this was their best song song, with a crazy MTV clip to tag along. Green Day at their best.
7. Cake - I Will Survive : This has been the best remake of the song so far. The Best Cover Song for me. The lazy vocals was what made the song sound even better.
8. No Doubt - Just A Girl :The propellers of the 3rd wave of SKA. Tragic Kingdom is one of my favourite albums. And when they decided to go Rock Steady many years later, it was pure genius.
9. Vertical Horizon - The Best I've Ever Had : I always loved this song more the You're A God. another break-up song.
10. Pearl Jam - Even Flow : Their 1st album Ten was a classic. So many good tracks recorded eg Alive, Once, Jeremy etc. But this was the song that catapulted them to the mainstream with 'The Seattle Sound'. I have always considered them to be better than Nirvana. Opps...Actually, I wanted to key in Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit as thanks...hahah

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