Friday, 2 January 2009

2008...What a Year it has been for Me!!!!!!

January - At this time..yah...i was still waiting for HDB to ring me up to sign the documents..haha..ORD on 02 Dec 07, Had a call from HDB before Xmas 07, for confirmation on being accepted as a Government servant..hahaha...spent time doing social work at En-Naeem as a Tutor/Religious Mentor.
February - 11 Feb 08, my 1st day @ work. Had a good start to the year i guess..haha..Knowing so many new people...Especially the CSS department...and other peeps such as Khai, Burn, Yazeit, Ossy...too many to mention in fact...
March - 1st jamming session cancelled..Yazeit's car got an 1st pay day as well...spent a good deal on shoes and stuffs...
April - Nothing notable..maybe this yr...4th Apr...*hint hint*..except for SK Band's 1st jamming session with me..
May - Also couldn't remmber anything notable in this month..haha..NUTZ
June - Lotsa customers over at the holidays...and just when i thought they were all out for holidays..
July - A month which has a sweet to know Ummi better in this month...31 July 08, the1st time i received her SMS..
August - Had IQC Gathering..sang Can't Take My Eyes Off You..accompanied by Mr Gilbert aka Yazeit...on 10th Aug 08..the day when it happens..12th...Ummi came to visit Mak @ SGH..hehe..15th Aug 08..1st dinner @ Seoul Garden
September - Ummi's 1st dinner with my beloved parents..hehhe...
October - Ah...Hari Raya..hehe..on the same day with Children's Day..her whole family came over to my house on 2nd Oct 08..we paid back her family a visit on 5th Oct 08
November - Ummi gave me a pillow with our favourite pic on it..and also that very 1st pic i stole from her..hehhe
December - 2nd SK Band jamming session...much better..concentrated on just 5 songs...for 2hrs!!!! Paranoid..Bombtrack..Give It Away..Isi & Kulit..and also Pangeran Cinta..tx for backing my horrible vocals Mamat..and i gave Ummi a surprise on 31st Dec 08..hehe...Pooof!!!!!

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