Sunday, 16 November 2008

10 Hard Rock/Metal Songs That Shook My World

K peeps..this might sound crazy..but i don't care...i just wanna get this off my chest...this is MY CHOICES & OPINIONS...the rest of u...feel free to join n share with me ur views...seriously...
1. Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons : Their longest ever single track recorded. This bunch of technically gifted experts made this song more than what is was supposed to be. The technical parts are second to none. I was totally blown off the first time i heard it, as i have always thought long songs are generally a bore. And yes, they can play the exact same sound for their live show as well. Personally, this song made me think, how everyone can just change their minds. "Seasons change, and so can I", and the guy was left all alone with his son by his horrible wife. What more to say?
2. Rainbow - Stargazer : The first time i heard this song on the radio, i was taken aback. How could a song made me feel i was in the medieval times??? Well, the story of the stargazer with wizards and towers of flesh and bones facinated me. I always have this interest in medieval themes.
3. The Blizzard of Ozz - Mr. Crowley : This was supposed to be Ozzy's band, but he decided he wanted a solo career after that. Haha, total madness from The Prince of Darkness. Randy Rhoads was with him for his first two albums and the guitar solos blew me away. Diary of a Madman & Crazy Train became instant classics. But this has to be my favourite. It is not that i love anything that has got to do with the occult, but writing a song for Aleister Crowley is INSANE!!! That guy seemed pretty nutz. The keyboard intro and guitar solo really made up the atmosphere of this song.
4. Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - I Am A Viking : The shredder cuts n chops the song so well. Enough said. Haha, Jeff Scott Soto's vocals can never be rivalled (except for DIO). One of my all time favourties by the shredder.
5. Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell : Actually, i wanted to choose Neon Knights, but this was their HIT. And yes, this DIO-fronted song certainly made me think. The forces of evil and good co-exist, kind of like Batman and The Joker, they simply can't live without the other.
6. Rage Against the Machine - Darkness : Sorry peeps, yes they had lotsa hits like Guerilla Radio and Bulls on Parade. I chose this song, as it was an outstanding track. Listen to the two different type of guitar solos by Tom Morello and you'll certainly understand what i mean. And of course, its' a political song!!!! Mr. Obama, hopefully you understood this band's rage. That is why you are promoting CHANGE. Oops, sorry, i love what Mr. Obama is trying to do to the US, it is revolutionary.
7. Metallica - Fade to Black : Yazeit my bro, this was not a soft rock song for me, i love how noisy certain parts of the song are. Yes, this has been an amazing track, if ever any funeral was allowed to play a song dedicated to death, this would be it.
8. DIO - Don't Talk to Strangers : Well, historically, this song was a 'dedication' to Black Sabbath after DIO was unceremoniously kicked out of the band. The lyrics seems to teach us a lesson or two, if not more. Never trust someone too much, unless of course they are your loved ones.
9. System of a Down - Temper : You people might argue that this was never an official release. But i love the arabic tunes in the verse. It is a 'dance-to-the-tune' kinda song, yet political. Spot on.
10. Search - Meniti Titian Usang : This band has been a revelation for the Malay rock music scene. And yes, for me, they have always been bigger than Wings. This song is a perfect remedy to people who appreciate their friends.

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