Friday, 7 November 2008

The Candle Part IV

The candle melts away...Does anyone notice that?
He keeps having to think about others' needs that he needs to provide...
But does anyone ever thought of his needs as well?
Why? Why it seems he has to go through all this without anyone wanting to know his needs?
It's a good to start with in which he does not have a heart..
No matter how hurting the fire on him seems to be, he never seems to feel it..
No matter how much the fire burns him, he still goes on enlightening others' lives..
But his own life is full of darkness that surrounds him, the darkness of greed..
Ignorance is a bliss for them, but hell for the candle..
Shedding tears of wax, does anyone really care?
He also has his needs and wants i guess..but does anyone succumb to that?
Thee who promised went missing, leaving the candle all alone on the candlestick..

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